Ambulance and Wheelchair

Ambulance Services

Carolina Ambulance Specialty Transport provides highly essential non – emergency medical transportation services for the infirm, or, for those who have some form of debilitating disability requiring ambulance transportation  to access healthcare services when the need arises.  C.A.S.T. may stand-by at all types of functions that require North Carolina Certified Emergency Medical Technicians.

Wheelchair Services

C.A.S.T. also provides wheelchair transport services to and from medical appointments or special functions as requested.

Highly Qualified Staff

Our personnel are high qualified and maintain a high level of proficiency.  All ambulance personnel are certified by the North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services.



Franchise Awarded

5/15/2017 - Duplin County Board of Commissioners have just awarded CAST a franchise to provide ambulance service in Duplin County.  The CAST staff is off-the-hook about being franchised in Duplin and proud to say our initial primary focus will be to provide excellant services to the citizens of Duplin County.  THANK YOU DUPLIN COUNTY FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE YOU.

Services in Duplin

Services in Duplin County are going well.  There are occasional missed steps but we are working closely with our partners.  Duplin County and the facilities we serve are great and we work well together.

Working Together

CAST is looking forward to working with all facilities and agencies in Duplin County.  We are in the process of establishing transport agreements with all facilities.  Facilities  need transport agreements in place ASAP.  Please contact CAST at 910-210-0400 for any questions on these agreements.

To Request a transport agreement please contact:

Onslow County

Franchise Awarded

Franchise awarded by the Onslow County Board of Commissioners 7/17/2017.  We are pleased CAST is able to provide services to the citizens of Onslow County